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Richard Curtiss

I've just posted some messages on Facebook about Richard Curtiss's recent death, and If Americans Knew sent out an announcement, but I'd like to write a little more about his importance.

A former career Foreign Service Officer, Curtiss helped to found an extremely important publication, The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.

Sadly, there are probably many activists on Palestine who have never heard of Richard Curtiss; possibly, they've never even heard of his excellent magazine, edited by Janet McMahon and Curtiss's daughter, Delinda Hanley.

The magazine has been publishing the truth about Palestine-Israel for 30 years, and may have done more to dig up and expose the facts on this issue than any other organization.

Curtiss's books and numerous articles are profoundly valuable. Not only the article that every activist should have read (and whose statistics If Americans Knew staffer Pamela Olson recently updated in The Staggering Cost of Israel to Americans), but the many others in which he exposed previously unknown and extremely significant facts on this issue.

He will be deeply missed.


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