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Israelis in Haiti

A number of people have been emailing me to ask my opinion about a youtube video and articles raising the question of Israeli organ harvesting in Haiti, given that I had researched Israeli organ trafficking and theft and had discovered how extremely significant it has been.

Regarding Haiti, however, at this point my feeling is that the Israeli team is most likely there largely for humanitarian reasons. At the same time, of course, I suspect that the IDF and Israeli government are fully aware of their use in pro-Israel publicity, as well. The latter is perhaps evidenced by the amount of U.S.media coverage they've received. Israel has been enormously concerned about its negative image around the world earned by its treatment of Palestinians, Lebanese, et al, and have been activity working at improving their hasbara efforts.

However, I think it's good that T.West raised the issue of possible exploitation. Whenever there is chaos, desperation, and money to be made, it is not rare for nefarious activities to take place. It's good for people in such conditions to be vigilant, and for the international community to be alert to the possibility of victims of a tragic natural disaster being victimized still further by human agency.

In addition, of course, it's profoundly upsetting to see the media reporting on Israel bringing aid to Haiti without noting that Israel is preventing aid from getting to Gaza -- an Israeli-made disaster. And while I'd like to think the best of the Israeli relief team in Haiti, I'd feel better about them if they'd use their media fame to speak out about Gaza, as some Israelis have done.

In terms of the question of organ trafficking and theft in Haiti... I would tend to worry about this more in the future – when media attention is averted, yet the desperately poor remain.

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