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To Israel Fanatics: I am NOT the British history writer, please leave her alone!

A British writer named Alison Weir is receiving threats and harrassment from Israel partisans who have her mixed up with me. I hope others will help me spread the word that she is NOT the one they wish to hurt.

She is the author of apparently excellent books about British history, and she should be allowed to continue her life and her work without being attacked by pro-Israel fanatics who can't even get their target straight.

Below is her email to me:

I write to appeal to you to make your disclaimer more prominent on your websites. You can see, on my website www.alisonweir.org.uk, that I have very prominent disclaimers on the Home and Contact pages, and today I have had to make them even more prominent. I still receive emails from people who think I am you, and today I received one that was so obscene and threatening that I have reported it to the police.

It is clear from emails from readers that some have stopped buying my books because they think they are written by you, and various worrying incidents during US book tours have made me feel that it is unsafe to visit the States, and - a nervous traveller to begin with - I have stopped touring. All this because of a name - but it should not be impacting on my career, and I shouldn't have to keep defending myself against complaints that have nothing to do with me.

Everyone should have the right to the free expression of their views, but please could you work with me to make it absolutely clear that we are not one and the same person. 

I have copied in my literary agent and my US publishers so that they are aware of this situation.

Thank you.

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