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CNN's Jake Tapper was taught to recognize the "essential importance" of Israel

 There are some videos posted on Youtube with titles such as "CNN's Jake Tapper Demolishes PLO Spokeswoman." Tapper's questioning is extremely aggressive and reflects a pro-Israel approach to the current violence. (Israel is again massacring Gazans like shooting fish in a goldfish bowl. Instead of discussing this, Tapper focuses on the rockets from Gaza, but seems to know/care little about the real facts about these and about the conflict in general.)

I wondered where Tapper's bias came from, and learned some information about his upbringing that I suspect influences his journalism:

Tapper attended Akiba Hebrew Academy, since re-named Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy, which is proud of inculcating its students with loyalty to Israel.  

The school website states that it "offers a unique study abroad program in Israel during the fall trimester of a student’s junior year.  In this program, learning comes to life as students supplement their formal academic studies with trips to historical sites that parallel their study of the history of the Jewish people and Israel..."

The site notes that many of their students report that their experiences in Israel "are life-changing; they return to Barrack with greater maturity as well as a stronger personal connection to Israel and their Jewish roots."

Tapper's alma mater emphasizes: "...we are committed to the centrality of Israel and the State of Israel." 

Jake Tapper's alma mater

There is, of course, always the hope that Tapper will transcend this early conditioning, shared by so many US journalists. However, so far there is little indication that he has done so. Especially, of course, when pro-Israel elements are so strong in today's media, it's not a good career move to report too fully and honestly on the conditions of Palestinians.


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