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The diverse movement for justice

I'm on a speaking tour in the northeastern United States and am being hosted in the homes of a wonderfully diverse array of committed, principled human beings – religious and secular; Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other; old and young.

This is representative of the extraordinarily diverse collection of people working for justice in Palestine, who are of all ethnicities, races, ages, faiths, and political backgrounds.

While Israel apologists immediately call all of us, even those who are Jewish, "anti-Semitic," the fact is that I consistently find people who are committed to fairness and respect for all people and who are profoundly opposed to bigotry.

Since Israel partisans can't refute our facts, they attack the messenger with untruths and nasty names.

Nevertheless, our ranks are growing as we're being joined by courageous individuals of all backgrounds who are daring to speak out against the bullying that has too long warped American policies.

As we join together in our determination to bring justice and end violence and oppression, we will eventually, I have no doubt, overcome.

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