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ADL, Hate Group – Why many people call the "Anti-Defamation League" the "Defamation League" 

Other nicknames for it are the "Anti-Palestinian League," the "Anti-Muslim League," the "Anti-Arab League," the "Anti-Truth League," "The Anti-Justice League," etc.

The ADL has a pattern of attacking people who provide facts they dislike about Israel-Palestine. A great many of the diverse organizations, writers and speakers who provide significant, factual information about Israeli oppression and violence against Palestinians – including Jewish individuals – are called "anti-Semitic."

I've written about this in my article: "A Modest Proposal to the Anti-Defamation League."

An excellent article that discusses the ADL's role in creating Islamophobia is "The Great Islamophobic Crusade."

A short piece I wrote rebutting some of their accusations in their extremely long dossier about me is "Anti-Defamation League Defames Me - My Letter to the ADL."

A documentary about the ADL made by an Israeli filmmaker is Defamation – a trailer is here.

For decades the ADL has bullied people, intimidated victims, and spread vicious misinformation. It's time for everyone to stand up to this hate group and expose and oppose its nasty agenda.


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