About my article on the Taylor Force Act
Sunday, August 13, 2017 at 10:11AM
[Alison Weir

I feel deep sadness about all the deaths described in my article, The strange, sad saga of the Taylor Force Act.

I've personally visited the Palestinian Territories a number of times and have stayed in many Palestinian homes, including one in another small village near Qalqiliya. I've seen their desperate circumstances first hand and have visited hospitals full of children who had been shot by Israeli forces. I've talked to parents whose children had been strip-searched by Israeli officials, and who themselves had gone through this humiliating procedure.

I've also spent time in Israel and met Israelis who strenuously and courageously oppose their governmental policies. I've met Israeli academics who have described the conditioning Israeli children undergo in school, and spent time with Israeli bereaved parents who have joined with Palestinian bereaved parents to oppose the system that is causing these tragedies.

Regarding Taylor Force, my feelings also have a personal dimension. I grew up in a military family, as did 10 of my cousins. My father was an Eagle Scout and highly decorated World War II veteran. He graduated from West Point and was a tactical officer there when I was born at West Point's Cadet Hospital the same year that Taylor Force's grandfather graduated from the Academy.

The patriotic, often brave and idealistic Americans who risk their lives in our armed forces come from all sectors of our highly diverse country and are of all races, ethnicities, and economic classes.

They serve in wars that are sometimes considered just wars and sometimes not; which is which for a particular war is often unclear, even afterward. Without exception, however, our government and many of our media pundits tell those they recruit that our soldiers are fighting to preserve freedom, to help others, and to defend our country.

None of our presidents over the past 24+ years fought in any wars themselves. Nevertheless, they called on others to do so.

Taylor Force was one of those who answered their call.

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